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So you are coming to our office for a consultation... Congratulations on taking the first step!

Sometimes, we request to see certain documents, but clients say sorry because they did not bring the documents. As lawyers, it is our duty to examine the facts from the best evidence available: your documents!

For your first meeting with our solicitors, please bring the following:

  1. Identification card (I/C) (if possible, both husband and wife).
  2. Marriage certificate.
  3. Birth certificates and photocopies of identification cards of children.
  4. List of jointly owned properties.
  5. Any court papers related to interim custody, judicial separation, bankruptcy, etc.
  6. Any other documents that may be of aid.

Contact us today if you need help preparing your documents.

Some questions before you come by.


To dispense sound advice, we need to understand your situation. If you are visiting us for a consultation, please prepare answers for the following questions. We will ask similar questions during our meeting, to get a clearer picture of the situation and see how we can help you.

  1. Briefly describe the situation in two to three sentences?
  2. Are you asking on behalf of a friend?
  3. If No, are you one of the parties concerned?
  4. When and where did the marriage take place?
  5. Where are the parties presently staying?
  6. Are husband and wife staying together?
  7. If NO, How long have husband and wife been staying apart?
  8. How did that happen?
  9. Are there children from the marriage?
  10. If YES, Who are the children staying with?
  11. Is custody of children an issue?
  12. Are there any properties gained during the term of the marriage?
  13. If YES, Is there any dispute regarding the properties?
  14. What are the professions of both husband and wife?
  15. Why is a divorce being sought?
  16. What factors contributed to the present situation?
  17. Is there any third party involved?
  18. Have the parties made any efforts at reconciliation?
  19. Is there any agreement or offer for settlement?
  20. What would be the ideal manner to resolve the situation?

Your answers will help us understand your situation. You may e-mail the answers to us before coming to our office for a consultation. Or you might print out this page and bring it to your meeting with us.

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